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Day XV of NaNoWriMo:

A blueish hue covered the world this night. The Moon shining in all it’s pristine prime, had aptly lowered itself to meet the land situated just beyond the horizon. The light that formed it, was now coursing through the clouds; it looked like all that steam the world had built up during the day was finally being let go. There was mist all around, hovering in the air she breathed in. It was a cold night, and the forest was shrouded with this moonlit mist. The picture formed was that of a white fiery ball racing towards her, from the far off horizon. Burning everything that it mowed down, and it appeared that the Moon would soon reach her; reach out to her through all the trees in the forest which looked more like fickle sticks that somebody had embedded into the earth.

She felt the killing intuition emanate from just behind her right shoulder. She was grateful for her training, which had imbued her with this sense. And because of it she was able to dodge a sword that swung wide open where her neck was supposed to be. By the time the moment of the sword had finished making it’s arch, she was rolling away from her attacker. She stopped her roll, and turned to face the enemy. Whoever it was, had no disappeared. She had drawn her sword, fluidly, when she had turned around, and now stood in her defence form. Recounting all those training sessions with the Sensei. She scanned around, to see if she could get any kind of hint through her sense to the location of this enemy. She did not have much time to waste on whoever it was that had tried decapitating her.

The glint of the moon was reflecting off of her sword, and for a moment she lost focus again; losing it to the thought of the Moon chasing her.

Finish this story! Make a short one, or as long as it needs to be! If you do use this prompt, let me know by leaving a link, and comment in the comments section below! I will be featuring it in a post here, later!

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