Code Kata Thursdays. One kata solved, and shared here, every Thursday.

BY indefiniteloop

Just like Fridays for me are meant for haiku, Saturdays are meant for verses, and Sundays for poetry, following Thursdays will now be for code katas.

Starting next Thursday, I’ll be putting into practice my coding skills with one kata every week, and posting the code here. That, along with other solutions to that same kata, which were found to be optimal, succinct, and simple will be also appearing here, in the form of posts.

There’s a lot of hate, and love for code katas online. This will be an experiment of sorts, to find out if doing code katas on a regular basis does help improve your programming skills or not.

The languages that would be used to solve these katas, will vary from JavaScript to C++, etc. There’s no preference as such, with respect to languages. Selection of any one (or more) language, would be more dependent on my mood as to which language would be chosen to solve the kata.


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