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I was writing an Air App in Flex 3 and Action Script 3 and came across a situation where I needed to covert some strings to camel case dynamically before binding them to a control, I searched the API for any such function that would let me convert a string to camel case. 

On not finding anything, I decided to write my own. Hope this helps some one.

PS: I might have used more variables then required.

        //below is the function to create camelString
//needs little cleaning up.
        private function camelCaseString(inputstr:String):String
            var loopcount:int;
            var returnstr:String = "";
            var origStr:String;
            loopcount = inputstr.length;
            origStr = inputstr;
                var lastSpaceIndex:int = origStr.indexOf(" ",0);
                var tempstr:String = origStr.substring(0,lastSpaceIndex);
                var firstpartStr:String = tempstr.substr(0,1);
                var secondpartStr:String = tempstr.substr(1,tempstr.length);
        returnstr =                                           returnstr+firstpartStr.toUpperCase()   +secondpartStr.toLowerCase()+" ";
origStr = origStr.substring(lastSpaceIndex+1,origStr.length);
                loopcount = loopcount - 1;
            return returnstr;

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