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My brother from another mother sent me a link to this website. The website takes teaching you how to code to another level. does this by making your code available online for review to a host of other people. Group of people comment on your code, give you tips and pointers and then you take those in, think, work on your code and post the next iteration of that code, hopefully a better iteration, for another review. Here’s a screenshot of one such conversation. To see the entire conversation and all the iterations you can click here. has its own CLI based manager. The CLI manager is used to download problem sets, in a variety languages. You work with them, solve the problem statement and upload them for a group based code review. This way your coding style keeps improving, you get valuable feedback and you keep on working to improve your code. The CLI is really simple to install and use.

Open source code learning FTW!

And did I mention, it’s Free!

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