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🍩 is a nexus of everything built, released, expired, or still live and done online. Think of it as — more than a link-in-bio page.

It is a junction or nexus of things like - templates, newsletters, podcasts, books, and more, released online. It was a blog and a home page before 2023. All the articles/posts are being moved over to

Below you will find links to various resources and sites online.


WebDeveloper Weekly -

WebDeveloper Weekly

A weekly newsletter series for web developers & designers. This one is a re-boot, and will be live by end of 2023. Initially luanced back in 2009.

The Indefiniteloop Newsletter Series - Subscribe at:

indefiniteloop series

A Monthly newsletter that delivers value to your freelancing career, helps you in your full-stack journey, provides awesome resources for designers & tells you what that awesomely good content is made up of.



Listen to the People Talk Podcast Show

People Talk Show

A sporadic podcast series where I talk to people from all walks of life. People Talk is about people; people who've inspired me, people who've made me curious, or anyone with whom I can have a conversation.

Listen to the 1x1.Show podcast now.

1x1.Show Podcast

1x1.Show is a Short - 5-10mins long weekly podcast. Tune-in for full-stack/dev tips, freelancing stuff, content writing, designing interfaces, and some other stuff. A new episode drops every Sunday, IST.


Hey there, I am Manoj Sachwani.

He works his work, I mine.Ulysses, By Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I am a Freelancing full-stack developer, designer, creator, and happy-go-lucky caveman. Born and brought up in Bombay (Mumbai), India. If you'd like to connect or know more, you can always do so over Twitter.